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How to Launch Your Virtual Coaching Business

Nov 09, 2019
It’s that time of year when you assess all that you’ve done and plan your next business goals. As part of this process, I’m here to encourage you to think even bigger for 2020 by scaling your business online to make more money. 
It’s never been easier to be a small business owner. Software is simpler, there are systems you can follow, and the speed in which you can grow and scale your business is lighting fast.
I talk to entrepreneurs all over the world who are pushing themselves to create more results, make more money, and challenge themselves to new professional levels. As the movement of purpose-driven entrepreneurship grows, so does your authority to control and design their life through business success. How well you claim your entrepreneur authority will depend on the strategy you choose and how well you execute it. 
If you’re ready to shake up your local, 1-1, or established service-based business in 2020,...
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A "Niching Hard" Story: How To Expand Your Reach Faster

Jul 30, 2018

I used to resent having a niche market. I got tired of only talking to the same people, interested in the same things... and I was craving more lives to help, more people coming my way, and more professional challenges.

Then, one day, I realized it's inadvertently hit gold... and that starting small was the way I was going to reach more people! 

Cc: 2009 - I owned (and I mean owned) the maternity business consulting industry. I had built the only international consulting firm, strategically designed to coach businesses who market to new and expecting families. I had niched hard and was the go-to expert in this space. Corporations, healthcare firms and doulas from all over the world wanted my programs and business expertise. With no marketing and no ad spend, I had a thriving business that was making bank (that still thrives today!).

The one and only reason for my success?

I niched my target market so specifically... I owned it.

Becoming the go-to expert in one space allowed me...

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Protect Her and We'll Protect You: World Oceans Day

Jun 07, 2018

Saturday is World Oceans Day

100% Sales from SweetLife Business System Program go to #surfriderfoundation today - and everyday!

(Yes! we do this 365 days a year actually!)

I grew up in a culture where life revolved around the ocean. When I was 6, my stepdad starting waking me at 5 am for #dawnpatrol We'd throw on our suits, grab our boards and bundle up in our sweats and Uggs, jump into the Jeep (top off) and drive into the foggy, dark California morning looking for the best waves.

As I got older I understood more about how the ocean affected everything we do and love. The good and the bad... and I learned how little most people actually know about it.

We'd watch newbie Hawaii tourists walking on the reefs and stealing her treasures, killing the water with oily lotions and leaving their garbage in the sand.

Many people love the idea of the ocean, more than the ocean itself. They love the sun, the water and the sunsets, but are not willing to sacrifice for her. They are takers, and...

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A Mom Entrepreneur Manifesto: Setting the Record Straight

May 26, 2018

When I launched my first company, it was taboo to work from home with kids. Despite the fact that the company and industry I was creating, were about women empowerment… I remember hiding in my Honda Odyssey, for a TODAY Show interview, so they couldn’t hear my 3 boys. The irony…

Today women are launching companies while raising awesome kids a thousand times over. But the brand of the “mompreneur” still brings immediate thoughts of crafty homebodies who dabble in MLMs while baking cookies. And nothing could be further from the truth.

This manifesto is for those who are building businesses while breastfeeding, launching brands from beaches, and creating movements from kitchen tables. It’s time to set the record straight.

An Overdue Mompreneur Manifesto

I am a “lifestyle entrepreneur” . This means that I have intentionally built my business around time freedom, travel and the lives of my kids; their sports, school...

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