How To Lead In Your Niche By Creating Your Scalable Signature Program or Offer



If you’re ready to make traction in your niche and be a business that stands out, it may be time to create a signature Program of Offer.  If you’ve been in business, any length of time, you’ve probably heard the term but may not know the full meaning, although you probably have an idea.  


“A signature program or offer is a unique service, that you create from your experience, method, framework, or expertise, that delivers predictable-transformational-measurable results”  - April Beach 


There are two kinds of signature offers; A Foundational Signature Offer and an Influential Signature Offer.  Let’s break it down.


A foundational signature offer, this is for those who have never created a signature offer or program before. You may be new in your niche. And the creation of your foundational signature offer gets you on the map, either in a certain area of expertise online or in a geographical area based on where you're located. Or it's for those of you who are established business owners, but you really have not gotten the traction, or you really haven't become known for something specific yet.


An influential signature offer is for those of you with an established track record of getting people results. You are known usually in a one-on-one setting for getting people results in this particular area that you're creating your signature offer and program around, and this influential signature offer stems from your unique method, process, framework, programming, mapped out steps, whatever you wanna call it, which you have tested and proven to be true.


Creating a signature offer can offer big wins, these are some of the main struggles you have right now without one.


  1. It’s hard to stand out in your marketing - you aren’t specific ---- with a signature offer you gain an immediate audience who clearly understands what you do and identifies you as the Undisputed Leader to guide them
  2. You don't have all the systems in place - Creating a Signature Offer allows you to organize your thoughts and processing and put systems in place so you can scale. 


Ready to make traction?

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