3 Types of Content that Companies Will Line Up to License From Your Online Business

If you are considering licensing your content or courses from your online business for others to use, you probably have questions. Lots of them.  But let's begin with the most obvious:

What kind of content do companies want to license from an online business owner?

There are three types of content that companies will be interested to license from you. Let's dive in.


1: Actual Content

This is content that feeds every distribution channel.

Blogs, articles, newsletters, emails, images, and videos are all examples of this type of content; anything that another company needs to build its content distribution channels.

It is time-consuming and exhausting to constantly create new content so if you can ease that process by delivering amazing content for other companies to distribute on their channels you have a potential licensing opportunity.


2: Assets

Assets are anything that other companies need to support an end result or to add to their established content or program.

It's something very workable and usable; a tool that they can add to a program they are already delivering.

Examples of these could be worksheets, blueprints, or templates.


3: Completes

These are complete packages that companies and other entrepreneurs need as a whole; a complete program or course curriculum, systems, or processes.

These are complete packages that companies can take and run with; a business product in a box.

The task of licensing material can sometimes feel daunting but breaking it down into manageable chunks, by starting to look at what you already have, the process can start to feel far more viable for your business.


Ready for the next step?

To learn more about licensing, please watch our free one-hour training session,  where we take an in-depth look at how to make this strategy work for you.



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