How To Plan Your Next Team Retreat to Grow Your Online Business

Have you been thinking about planning your own team retreat for your online business but are wondering how to not only make it fun but also beneficial to your business?

Here are my top three tips for planning your next team retreat.

I'm a big advocate of creating opportunities for my global team to come together; the ideas that we produce, the energy we create, and, frankly, the love, respect, and admiration we show for each other are just amazing!

So here are the steps that I think can help you to make the time that you've invested in spending together even more productive and frankly so much more fun than you ever imagined.


Set a primary objective.

These are working retreats and so as a leader, it's important to set the primary aims and objectives;

  • Where are we going?
  • What are we focusing on?
  • What are the goals of this particular short period of time together?

If you schedule for a five-day retreat, those five days are going to fly by in what feels like five hours so it's really important that you're realistic with yourself in what you can accomplish and you set a primary aim for the company as a whole.


Ask your team to start getting ready to contribute.

Let your team know about your primary objective and get them really excited about it.

  • How can you make this great?
  • How can you bring more to this?
  • What creative genius ideas do you have?
  • Is there something that you need to train the rest of the team on in your area of expertise?

There is something so powerful in seeing a team come together and share ideas around what we are trying to accomplish together.


Create the afterburn implementation plan.

We set afterburn benchmarks based on the original primary objective, collectively as a team, and independently.

This means that before we leave, every single person who is part of this retreat, whether they've joined us physically virtually, has their own afterburn implementation plan and benchmarks in order to accomplish items agreed at the retreat once we're back in the routines of normal life.

Sometimes accomplishing these goals, afterburn implementation plans, means that team members are required to work together more going forwards, they become team efforts, maybe additional support is needed.

The important thing is that everyone leaves knowing what needs to be done and by when. These retreats are to generate action around the original primary objective; don't let that fact fade away after the event!

Hopefully, these three tips can help you to achieve amazing results at your retreats and help to ensure that your team leaves ready to take your business to the next level.


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