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How To Structure Your Suite Of Online Offers: A Strategic Business Design Method™ by April Beach

Online services, courses, memberships, and coaching programs offer a fantastic avenue to scale businesses for established entrepreneurs. But the way you structure your suite of online offers can either boost or break your business. In this article, we will delve into the insights shared by April Beach on her Strategic Business Design Method™ and how it can help design your company to achieve long-term lifestyle and profit goals. This method warns against the risk of launching any program outside this strategic framework.

Step 1: Start with the End in Mind

The first step is to envision the future of your business. Consider what your average workday, week, or month would look like. Are you working directly with clients? Are you operating remotely or from a traditional office space? Who are your primary contacts? What non-work-related activities do you engage in? By answering these questions, you can build your own custom business model that aligns with your personal and...

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The Power of Transformational Course Design in Online Learning By April Beach

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2023

A transformational course is an online learning journey that delivers measurable, transformational results rather than just being a set of contents delivered over a timeline. This approach revolutionizes how entrepreneurs, especially small businesses, can make their courses, services, or programs stand out in a world suffering from content overload.


According to, content overload occurs when a specific area is blanketed with numerous blog posts, articles, ideas, and suggestions. This sheer volume makes it challenging for any single piece of content to stand out. Worse, it can deter potential audiences who don't want to sift through endless content to find what they need.

The solution to this issue? Embrace simplified transformational course design. Here are some steps to consider:

1. Articulate the end result:

Clearly state the end result that participants can expect from your course and describe the full transformation in detail. It's not enough to say participants...

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The Power of Methodology and Frameworks: Unlocking Transformational Results for Your Business


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, having a solid methodology and framework is the secret sauce for achieving remarkable business growth. These two components act as guiding principles, helping entrepreneurs create a system that not only guarantees predictable, measurable results but also increases efficiency and scalability. In this article, we will explore the importance of having a methodology and framework, how they differ from each other, and how they can revolutionize your business. So, let's dive in!

The Significance of Methodology:

A methodology is a set of principles, tools, and processes designed to guide clients towards achieving specific transformational results. It serves as your unique coaching method, developed from your intellectual property, experiences, expertise, beliefs, systems, and processes. This technique or system is the key to getting tangible results for your clients, enabling them to experience the transformation they desire. With...

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What’s The Difference Between an Offer and Program?

A quick reference guide for coaches and consultants looking to scale their business online. 

by April Beach


Are you a coach, consultant, or subject matter expert? This guide is for you. Today, we're simplifying two big terms that entrepreneurs can sometime confuse: 'offers' and 'products'. When you understand the difference, it’s like having a secret key to unlock your success. So, let's dive in. 


To watch the full training on YouTube, click HERE.


Offer vs Product: What's the Difference?

First things first, let's clear up some confusion. An 'offer' is what you're willing to provide, while a 'product' is the actual good or service. It sounds simple, but many people mix these up. Keep these definitions in your back pocket - they're going to be super important!


Offer = Your offer is what you’re willing to do and the parameters around your relationship serving your clients. Your offer is what makes people buy.


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Simplify the Licensing Sales Process: Three Essential Assets for Closing Lucrative Program Deals

Are you an expert, coach, or consultant looking to sell your programs and make a significant impact? The thought of selling programs and licensing trainings may seem daunting, but fear not! There is a simple and effective plan that you can follow to achieve success. In this article, we will inspire and encourage experts like you by providing a step-by-step blueprint for selling programs. By embracing this blueprint, you can navigate the process with confidence, unlock new opportunities, and achieve your business goals.


Asset #1: The Impactful One Pager:

The first asset is the one pager, a concise yet impactful document that provides a high-level overview of your program. It serves as a snapshot of what your program offers, showcasing the problem it addresses, the benefits it brings, and the overall value it provides. The one pager should incorporate social proof, such as testimonials or data, to validate the program's effectiveness. It is an important tool for initiating...

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Unleashing the Power of Champions: A Guide to Supporting Key Players in B2B Sales

b2b sales licensing Jun 14, 2023

Venturing into B2B sales can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right guidance and knowledge, this journey can open doors to incredible opportunities. The secret to mastering B2B sales lies in nurturing connections, especially with a key 'champion' in the organization you're engaging with. Let us be your trusted guides, making the process straightforward and enlightening. We're here to light the way, transforming the complexities of B2B sales into an empowering and rewarding experience. Now's the time to take action and step confidently into the world of B2B sales with us by your side.


In this article, we expand on our recent podcast episodes with B2B sales expert, Emily Hall. Emily works with our clients to sell their licensed courses and trainings and she says the first step is in understanding key players in the buying process. 


Understanding The Role of Your Champion

The 'champion' is an individual within an organization...

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A Strategic Guide to B2B Sales and Licensing: Paving the Way for Million Dollar Deals

b2b sales licensing scaling Jun 12, 2023

Taking the leap into business-to-business (B2B) sales can be a daunting task, particularly if your experience has been primarily in business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. However, by understanding the key differences and strategies involved in B2B transactions, you can confidently navigate this new terrain and potentially close deals worth millions.


Understanding B2B and B2C

At its core, B2B involves selling your course or program licenses to an organization, with quantities ranging from 10 to 1000, depending on the size of the organization and their needs. Conversely, B2C sales involve selling individual seats to your courses or programs, typically to individual consumers.


Due to the larger conversations, higher stakes, and greater investments required, B2B sales often require a longer time to close compared to B2C sales. You will be dealing with multiple decision-makers within an organization, requiring a multi-tiered approach to the sales process.



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Tapping into B2B: How Consultants, Coaches, and Experts Can License Their Training Programs

b2b sales licensing Jun 05, 2023

As a consultant, coach, or subject matter expert, you've developed a training program that you're proud of and that has proven value for your clients. The next step in your business growth? Licensing your program. Licensing allows you to scale your program's impact and also offers another lucrative income stream. The key is knowing where to look for potential licensees. Here are the top sectors to consider according to our in house sales expert and founder of E+M Creative, Emily Hall. Hall has helped her clients close over 30M in deals in the past few years and her expertise in how to find buyers is invaluable. Here are some starting points to find your right licensees. 


Large Corporations: Your first port of call should be large corporations. Why? These entities frequently have substantial budgets earmarked for enhancing internal productivity and service delivery. If your training program can help them streamline their processes or improve their output, it could be an...

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Unlock the Power of Licensing: 5 Ways to Package Your Online Courses for Corporate Success

licensing May 22, 2023

As a course creator, expanding your business and profit potential might be as simple as adding a couple more zeros to the price of your program. By licensing your course or training program to corporations, agencies, organizations, and other entrepreneurs, you can tap into a powerful and underutilized strategy for growth. This article will explore five common ways to package your online course or training program for sale to other companies and corporations, helping you unlock the potential of reaching hundreds or even thousands of people through a single buyer.


  1. Straight License - Walk Away

    This approach involves licensing your online course or training program to another company for a one-time fee (with ongoing renewals). In this model, the buyer receives the rights to use your content, and you walk away with the revenue from the transaction. This method is ideal for course creators who want a simple, hands-off approach to licensing their content without the need for...
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Licensing Made Simple: A Guide for Coaches & Consultants to Sell Their Courses To Corporations, Organizations, and Small Businesses

b2blicensing licensing May 15, 2023



As a leading expert in licensing programs, I have helped countless entrepreneurs unlock new levels of growth and success for their businesses. But it wasn't always that way for me.


14 years ago, I was struggling to keep up with the demands of my business, constantly derailed by unexpected events and overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do list. It wasn't until I learned to streamline my business and focus on the tasks that generated the most revenue that I started to see real progress.


One of the key strategies I discovered was the power of licensing my training programs. It allowed me to leverage the expertise of other companies who had established networks and distribution channels, reaching a much wider audience than I could have ever done on my own. Through trial and error, I learned the ins and outs of licensing programs and have since become a sought-after expert in this field. I've helped entrepreneurs across industries to unlock new revenue...

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