A "Niching Hard" Story: How To Expand Your Reach Faster

Uncategorized Jul 30, 2018

I used to resent having a niche market. I got tired of only talking to the same people, interested in the same things... and I was craving more lives to help, more people coming my way, and more professional challenges.

Then, one day, I realized it's inadvertently hit gold... and that starting small was the way I was going to reach more people! 

Cc: 2009 - I owned (and I mean owned) the maternity business consulting industry. I had built the only international consulting firm, strategically designed to coach businesses who market to new and expecting families. I had niched hard and was the go-to expert in this space. Corporations, healthcare firms and doulas from all over the world wanted my programs and business expertise. With no marketing and no ad spend, I had a thriving business that was making bank (that still thrives today!).

The one and only reason for my success?

I niched my target market so specifically... I owned it.

Becoming the go-to expert in one space allowed me to expand my expertise and consult lifestyle entrepreneurs (another area of specialty).

If niching your target market makes you feel scared, I want you to remember this story. Growing your reach requires money, experience, and trusted relationships. It also takes time, consistency and hard work.

If you've been trying to change the world and aren't gaining traction, losing money or getting burned out, it's time to niche your market down more. Doing so will help you become known and make money faster... two things you must do to expand your reach.


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