A Mom Entrepreneur Manifesto: Setting the Record Straight

When I launched my first company, it was taboo to work from home with kids. Despite the fact that the company and industry I was creating, were about women empowerment… I remember hiding in my Honda Odyssey, for a TODAY Show interview, so they couldn’t hear my 3 boys. The irony…

Today women are launching companies while raising awesome kids a thousand times over. But the brand of the “mompreneur” still brings immediate thoughts of crafty homebodies who dabble in MLMs while baking cookies. And nothing could be further from the truth.

This manifesto is for those who are building businesses while breastfeeding, launching brands from beaches, and creating movements from kitchen tables. It’s time to set the record straight.

An Overdue Mompreneur Manifesto

I am a “lifestyle entrepreneur” . This means that I have intentionally built my business around time freedom, travel and the lives of my kids; their sports, school schedule, and everything else related to who I love. My decision to do so was conscious, educated, and strategic. While other “lifestyle entrepreneurs”may build their business around skiing or fast cars, I have chosen to build mine around Tim, Jake and Sam.

“Mompreneur” should not be confused with “mom of the year”. I am definitely far from it. My work is as high (during intense business seasons can be higher) on my list then my kids. I never did/do play dates or crafts. I have no time/interest for friends unless they are power-driven entrepreneurs themselves. I suck at cooking, never do laundry and kill flowers. I hate moms groups, zoo outings and anything PTO. And I cuss like a sailor… I’ve been known to yell “if you want dinner, stop fighting so I can finish this fucking project!” to my kids more than once.

“Mompreneur” does not mean I have some little side hobby I like to dabble in. Instead, I’ve owned 4 companies, written two books, created a whole new industry, consulted corporations, am a non-profit founder and am always creating new things. In fact, sometimes I think I’m totally messing my kids up — and working at an office could be better? Have you heard about my new book coming out? “How To Be a Work From Home Mom Without Being a Bitch?”Probably not, because it doesn’t exist…

I am a profit focused business woman. I am serious, sarcastic, and nothing gets in my way. I fight for what’s right, give until I have nothing left and am afraid of nothing (not recommended btw). I am intimidating to women and men alike in business, and I am a bitch. I don’t bull shit and have no time to waste. I am a multitasking machine and rid my life of those who slow me down, and I can do this all with manners, grace, well-spoken reasoning, and political correctness when necessary.

I am a mom entrepreneur business strategist. I have coached thousands of women, just like me, who want a serious business model built around their life. My clients are all about business, insanely creative, problem solving, multitasking, profit driving, powerful women. My clients choose to be “mompreneurs” and have made the brave, educated, conscious choice to build a business around their kids. The business models I develop include family-life dynamics, because it’s necessary for success. My clients are not whimsical, iffy, or sensitive. They’re strong, determined and driven. They are not building a hobby, they’re building a vision.

Being a “mompreneur” is much harder than any other type of “preneur”.We are profit hungry bitches and the ultimate multitaskers. We can do a trillion things at once and not realize it’s impressive. We change diapers on client calls, breastfeed while recording webinars and whatever the fuck it takes. We choose this work-life, and some of us often wonder why? It’s so much harder than any other work we’ve ever done! We’re building empires, online courses and bad-ass brands! We’re creating change, causing disruption to business markets, and we’re far more powerful than we get recognition for.

At the exact same time, we’re growing respectful, intelligent, responsible kids who know what hard work looks like because they see us doing it every damn day. They know the priceless value of research, problem solving, reinventing the wheel, challenging systems, dreaming, creating, failing, and picking themselves up again. They have learned this from watching their very own “mom-preneur”. They know that they can do anything they choose… that standing up for what’s right is important, and that even one person can make powerful change.

I am intentionally a mom entrepreneur and I intentionally seek to consult other maverick mom entrepreneurs.

I believe in going big or going home, always saying what’s on my mind, fighting for what I want, no regrets, when I’m most afraid- I excel. Life is for adventuring, play comes before work, and loving my babies fiercely.

You’ll love me or you’ll leave — and that’s okay. If you choose to stay… welcome to the new, powerful mom entrepreneur movement. Welcome to awesome.

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