Key Areas To Reset and Refocus Your Business This Fall – Part 2

As we approach the end of the year many businesses aim to refocus in order to make their end of year goals. In our last article, I spoke about refocusing your business by resetting aspects such as your offer, your marketing, and lead generation systems as well as your internal systems. If you haven't read that, 6 Key Areas to Reset and Refocus Your Business This Fall, Part 1 head on over for full details before I go over the remaining tips.


These reaming tips will be looking more at you, the business owner. Now you may be wondering why we need to have a look at you. The answer is simple. You and other aspects of your life ultimately affect your business; therefore, it is equally important to analyze those as well. As the owner of the business, your mind, your connections, and your home and office life are key components to your success.


Refocus Your Mind

Without the right mindset, you won't be able to achieve your goals. According to Tony Robbins, your business success is 83% mindset, 17% strategy. So even with the best business strategy, financing, and resources, without the right mindset regarding being successful or working hard, you’re never going to do anything.


So how do you know if you have the right mindset currently? Start by asking yourself are you growing? Are you challenging yourself? Is there anything you need to learn to propel your business forward or to grow yourself as a person?


If you find that the answers to these questions are not a definite "yes" then you need to get your mind back on track. Start thinking about what your business is missing and how you can rectify that. Also, think about your brand image and what you want to be known for.


Once you have answered these questions, think about where your business is and what is holding you back from getting to the next level. Do you need inspiration or guidance? If so, you may need to consider hiring a business coach. You can also consider joining a mastermind group or enrolling in a few courses or finding resources such as podcasts. Whatever you need to do, do it.


Refocus Your Networks

The next step to refocusing your business is to take a look at your networks. Who do you know currently, and how can this be a benefit to your business? Is there anyone in your network who knows your business, but has not shared it with their network?


Also, think about who you would like to know or get in contact with. You also need to think about how exactly these newfound connections can take you and your business to the next level. Once you have established who these people are, take some time to get in touch with them and schedule a time to meet for coffee.


As you continue to network, don’t just think about connections that you can benefit from, also think about other businesses that you can also help and make better by bringing them to your connections. This is a great way to build winning partnerships for the possible future.


Another great way to build your business network is to join an affiliate launch. By helping to launch a program for another company you will be introduced to new networks especially if that new connection takes you to another affiliate launch and another network. Regardless of the routes you take to build your connections, ensure that you are establishing high-quality business connections with like-minded people.


Refocus Your Home Office and Your Life

The final aspect that we need to dive into and possibly reset is your home office and your life. The truth is, that running a business from home can be challenging when your work life and personal life become intertwined. This can be especially challenging if there are problems or distractions.


If you find this to be an issue, you can consider establishing an area that is for work and nothing else. Explore options such as moving your home office to a separate room in the house or using partitions to separate your office from the rest of the household. You can also avoid distractions by communicating to all members of the house in advance when you are working and when not to be interrupted.


Along with these external distractions, there is also the possibility of internal distractions. So how do you stay on track? A great way to keep yourself on track is to create a calendar of specific areas in your business that you are focusing on for each day. This will help you to keep your mind focused and on track when the lines between your personal life and work like start to blur.


Just as it is important to focus on your business, it's also important to take time away from your business. The time away will allow you to be more energized and let your creative nature spark.


Now my final tip which is to run Pomodoros. A Pomodoro is a time management technique you can use to divide your workload into sections using frequent short breaks. So for example: you work for 45 minutes and then take 15 minutes off. Your intervals can be longer or shorter if you want. Just repeat this process as needed throughout the workday. You can even use the timer on your phone to help you keep track of the times.



Fall is the perfect time for a fresh beginning.

Take the needed steps right now on order to end the year on a high note. It's not too late to reach your goals. Be sure that you aren't just addressing the typical business aspects, but you that you are also giving prime attention to yourself...the business owner.


This is necessary as both are intertwined and ultimately affect each other. Take a look at your mindset, your network, and your home and your office life to determine what needs to refocused in order to take your business to the next level.


And if you realize that investing in your business and yourself is what it will take to reach that next level, feel free to reach out to me here in the comments or by email at [email protected] I would be honored to help you work through any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to finding the right business strategist.


Here's to resetting and refocusing your business!



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