How to Launch Your Virtual Coaching Business

It’s that time of year when you assess all that you’ve done and plan your next business goals. As part of this process, I’m here to encourage you to think even bigger for 2020 by scaling your business online to make more money. 
It’s never been easier to be a small business owner. Software is simpler, there are systems you can follow, and the speed in which you can grow and scale your business is lighting fast.
I talk to entrepreneurs all over the world who are pushing themselves to create more results, make more money, and challenge themselves to new professional levels. As the movement of purpose-driven entrepreneurship grows, so does your authority to control and design their life through business success. How well you claim your entrepreneur authority will depend on the strategy you choose and how well you execute it. 
If you’re ready to shake up your local, 1-1, or established service-based business in 2020, consider taking your services virtually. By scaling your offers to deliver them online you can make more money, serve more clients, and establish your brand as the leader in your niche.   
Virtual has grown in popularity in the past 10 years. It’s the new way of delivering coaching, consulting, or support services. Virtual enables you to work with more people, in less time, with better results. Clients love the personal attention and nothing becomes more personal than when you live stream into their home, office, or car.  They don’t have to travel, they don’t need to clean their homes, and don’t worry (as much) about what they’re wearing. 
As the movement of purpose-driven entrepreneurship grows, so does your authority to control and design their life through business success.

Here are three steps to start scaling your coaching, consulting or service-based business online in 2020. 


Choose 1 Virtual Offer As A Starting Point. 

Choose an exiting service that doesn't require hands-on support, or develop a new virtual consulting service that answers the most common questions or topics your clients need help with. If you aren’t sure where to start, take the most common questions people ask and turn those answers into your first virtual coaching service. By doing so, you will deliver fast results and help your clients get more comfortable with working with you online. This will also open the doors to virtually coaching groups of people for greater efficiency and increased sales. 

Set Your Virtual Coaching Prices.

Virtual consulting does not mean you make less money for your expertise. In fact, by offering the convenience of virtual support you can charge the same fee, increase your rates, or charge less and service more clients. 
Example: Rita is a baby sleep coach. She’s been traveling and working with families for 15 years. The work is exhausting and having her in-home takes a tool on the privacy families need. By offering virtual baby sleep consulting, Rita gives parents on-demand support, reassurance, and helps them troubleshoot issues through video.
Fees: Rita charges less money for virtual support because she has eliminated travel and excessive fees to stay with clients all night, but she increases her sales, her personal health, and quality of life, by serving more families at a time. 


Choose Your Software. 

It’s never been easier to master technology for the “non-techie”. Software like Zoom allows you to see and hear your clients internationally, while both WhatsApp and Voxer enable you to connect on demand without needing to share cell phone numbers.  
Our Tech Recipe: 
In our business, I’m currently using Zoom Meetings to work with private clients 1-1, Zoom Webinar to coach my groups, and Voxer gives my VIP clients access to me immediately.  
What you can expect. 
Just like when you first launched your business, there’s a learning curve to deliver results through virtual consulting. Be patient but jump in!  The more you use the tech and offer coaching online, the easier it gets and the better experience you’ll build for both you and your clients. Doing so is the key to scaling your business in 2020 to pass your first 6 figures and beyond. 
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