Protect Her and We'll Protect You: World Oceans Day

Saturday is World Oceans Day πŸŒŠπŸŒπŸ¦€

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I grew up in a culture where life revolved around the ocean. When I was 6, my stepdad starting waking me at 5 am for #dawnpatrol We'd throw on our suits, grab our boards and bundle up in our sweats and Uggs, jump into the Jeep (top off) and drive into the foggy, dark California morning looking for the best waves.

As I got older I understood more about how the ocean affected everything we do and love. The good and the bad... and I learned how little most people actually know about it.

We'd watch newbie Hawaii tourists walking on the reefs and stealing her treasures, killing the water with oily lotions and leaving their garbage in the sand.

Many people love the idea of the ocean, more than the ocean itself. They love the sun, the water and the sunsets, but are not willing to sacrifice for her. They are takers, and need to become givers too.

The ocean is everything. The ocean is life. And death. And health. And peace. And climate control. And a habitat for living creatures you may never, ever see.

Whatever you think of the ocean... Please think today about respecting her. Think of one thing you are willing to sacrifice for her. You need her, whether you know her, and whether or not you like it. She's been trashed, polluted with oil and toxins, and turned her back on. Please face the waves today and make a commitment to protect them.

Here are some suggestions how you can start:

  1. Stop use of one time plastic bags
  2. Stop use of plastic straws
  3. Stop use of all non #reefsafe sunscreens
  4. Give to @surfrider and other organization who fight this fight more than one day a year.
  5. Join my SweetLife Business System - 100% donations are granted to #surfriderfoundation WIN-WIN for ALL! 

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