How to Gain Press by Building Your Personal Brand

It's no secret that gaining impressive media attention can grow your personal brand and your business.But how you gain that attention and the structure of your business that must be in place first are very important. 


There's much more to pitching press than simply landing a magazine article or appearing on television. We want to be sure that your entire business is ready to receive the press and media attention so you can profit from it. According to Brielle Cotterman, a publicity expert - 


Do you want to build a press worthy personal brand and have a strategy to create your foundation of celebrity?

In her interview on the Sweet life entrepreneur podcast Brielle dove into detail about how to go ahead about achieving these results in the foundation of celebrity. This is taking your entire business into account, not just your press pitch. It means thinking about how you’re showcasing your offers and your programs, and ensuring that your client experiences are all designed and in place prior to achieving media attention. It's important to do this to make the most of the attention that you receive. Brielle goes on to say that it can be even detrimental to your brand if you have not accomplished these strategic positioning first.


Brielle there are three types of stories that every entrepreneur should have:


  1. Breakthrough Story
  2. Zone of Genius story
  3. Passion Story


When people hear your story they are 70% more likely to refer others to you. In addition to that, the press and media are more interested in picking up your story or inviting you to be a guest expert if your stories are crafted well and in such a way they know that they can put you into any situation and you will deliver amazing content.


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