How To Disqualify Clients To Grow Your Business

It may sound counterintuitive, but disqualifying clients is an important part of business growth. And although this may sound scary if you’re still working to become profitable, but this concept comes from the idea that concentrating your sales and marketing on only the most qualified leads is more suitable for business growth.

"When you have a great working relationship with your clients, then it's gonna be much more successful for both of you and therefore for the financial success of both your clients and your company."  April Beach.

When you disqualify clients, you make more money, because the qualified clients you do accept have: 

  1. better results with your programs
  2. a deeper commitment to their own success

6 questions to ask yourself when vetting a prospective client to determine who really wins with your coaching?  

  1. How committed do they need to be? 
  2. What time allotment do they need to have? 
  3. What attitude do they need to show up with? 
  4. What may they need to leave behind? 
  5. What should they be ready for? 
  6. What personality best fits with your program? 

To help you identify what these answers should be, it may help to look back at past clients and see what kind of mindset and personality types of those who got the best results, who did you most enjoy working with, who always needed coddling?  who complained about the work, time or money? who questioned your process?    Who finished your service or offer and sang you praises? 

Thinking about the experiences and conversations you've had with clients you've enjoyed working with and who got good results will help you identify the characteristics and factors that you're looking for in the people you work with and therefor help you weed out, those who may not be a good fit.

Only work with clients who are excited to work with you, who want to get the results you're offering and are willing to do the work necessary .




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