SUMMER {business} LOVE


with April Beach

Group Coaching That Feels Like Private

Get the experience, mentoring and support you've always wanted to launch your business.

Launching a business is an adventure. There are twists, turns and all kinds of directions you can follow. You can even scout your own way!

But unless you have FOREVER on your side, I’m guessing you’d like to launch your business as soon as possible (the right way)!

To do this … you need a proven map, a coach you can trust, and the most direct route.

Welcome to SUMMER {business} LOVE, Group Coaching Program.


I'm April Beach

I teach female entrepreneurs to launch and grow a perfect-fit business, strategically designed around your life. 

... for most of my clients this means kids, time and location freedom. 

I'm also a business strategist, author, podcast host, speaker, non-profit founder and mom of three boys. For fourteen years, I've helped over 4000 women launch and grow their service business. 


April has been featured by

"I am so happy to be working with April. Her knowledge is vast, this has helped me grow with my business in an extraordinary way. It is my pleasure to recommend her and her company to anyone looking to improve or grow their business."

Tiffani L.C.
Fitness Coach

"April helped me build my business plan and coached me on things no other business leaders were telling me about! Thank you so much for having my back and business!" "

Alia C.
Founder, The Urban Boob

"April's trainings are so good. They're practical, efficient, and easy to follow. In my opinion, every new entrepreneur needs them! "

Chrissie M.
Interior Designer & World Traveler

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You're In The Right Place If:

You're Ready To Launch Your Business
You're A New Entrepreneur
You Want Help and Support
You're Looking For Strategies You Can Understand
And Business Simplified
With Profitable Results
And A Clear Path, Plan and Purpose

Including Marketing, Branding, Service Development & Other Important Launch Needs

6 Coaching Sessions, Spread Out Over The Summer

June 1 - August 10

Launch A Life You Love

Receive your very own business launch map with coaching and support to follow it.


Branding & Marketing

We know that you're great, but does the rest of the world?

Learn to reach your ideal clients and launch a brand that you're passionate about.

Create Amazing Services

Craft the most amazing offers.

Learn to create your service systems for predictable results and raving fans every time! 

Support & Community

In SUMMER {business} LOVE you'll meet other women, building their business and a life they love... just like you!

Get your invitation to the private Facebook mastermind and meet new entrepreneur best friends. 

Deep Rooted - Expert Coaching

There's nothing like having a coach that's committed to your vision and prays for your success.

Add in... proven business expertise and it's almost too good to be true. 

This program gives you direct access to April Beach. You'll get personal attention with a non-personal price.

SUMMER {business} LOVE $360 for the whole summer

{April's private rate for this same program would be $1788}

Accomplish Great Things This Summer

  1. Design a business model that creates a lifestyle you'll love
  2. Coaching on the most important (and often missed) steps to a profitable launch
  3. Learn how to build your coaching business, in the fastest and most efficient way
  4. Branding to reach clients who really want what you've got
  5. Marketing and social media strategy that makes sense and serves a purpose
  6. Developing great offers, services and pricing that's perfect



Extras & Bonuses!

Open Q&A with April Beach in every session!

Templates & Cheat sheets

Access to a private facebook community just for SUMMER {business} LOVE Entrepreneurs



More Client Stories & Praise

Eloise - Founder & CEO

Family Inceptions International

“April, assisted me in developing several different programs for my business. She assisted with ideas, and helped develop the actual services and products that I'm proud to lead the industry with."

Chelsea - Founder

Ryder Lane Baby Co.

"If anyone out there is even thinking about starting their business, April is real, supportive, and will get you where you need to go. Highly recommend."

Lauren - Founder

Legacy Loft Graphic Design

"I’ve been looking for a mentor or coach for almost a year, but haven’t found anyone who I felt I connected with… until discovering you. There were so many moments that I heard something in your [training] and thought, “that’s so me!" 

Jennifer E.

"My head is still spinning from all the information! You are a wealth of knowledge and your program is a great resource! Thank you so much for everything!" 

Nakia - Founder

The Stylish Stork 

"It has truly been a pleasure working with you. From the start, you were so helpful, constantly encouraging me, and renewed my confidence as a business owner. You throughly understand what it takes to start a business." 

Amber - Founder & CEO

Your Milk Shoppe 

"Thank you so much April! You are a huge reason I was able to pursue my passion and turn it into a business! You gave me my wings!"

Let The Coaching Come To You

Exclusive access to 6 Virtual - Live Coaching Sessions wherever you are this summer. 

Let April dive into your business needs and questions.

Miss a session? No problem! All will be recorded and uploaded to your private member library. 


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