How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is the best B2B social platform that exists. It is the leading platform for building personal networks and connections via word-of-mouth. Through these connections, LinkedIn provides businesses the ability to grow exponentially. The best part? This can all be done from the comfort of your office or home as you don't need to physically and/or personally attend events to find those high-quality connections and leads. 
Another advantage of this social platform is that it is a great way to strengthen your brand and make it highly visible. LinkedIn is an amazing, untapped platform that can generate high quality leads for your business if it is utilized properly.  But, many business owners are yet to fully dig into the benefits and power of LinkedIn.

Why Is LinkedIn A Great Resource To Grow Your Business? 

This has to do with the word-of-mouth benefits mentioned earlier. Given that this platform heightens human connections and strengthens your voice and message, it provides a more personal touch on marketing as people are more drawn to real people. 
That is why influencer marketing has produced such amazing results. People prefer human connections rather than cold, distant advertising. And this is even more prevalent in our society today as many business models are changing to holistically incorporate our roles as parents, leaders and business owners. 
Bringing the human element to your business model can prove to be effective as the lines we  previously drew in the sand between our business life and personal life is not so divided anymore. People like to see other people's human side and their personal opinions and their challenges. This helps your connections to get to know you and build a strong relationship. 
But how do you utilize LinkedIn in a way that will lead to business growth? The first step is to have the right connections and building professional relationships. The second step is to know the right content to share and how to increase visibility and engagement. Let us examine each step carefully. 

A Simple LinkedIn Connection Strategy 

The truth is that you cannot connect with everyone who sends you an invitation. And given the time that you will be spending engaging in direct messaging and commenting on others’ posts and articles, accepting every invitation shouldn’t be your first priority. Focus on the essential  actions steps to grow. 
Try to implement a simple way to screen your connections. Have a quick glance at their profiles to see if they meet your basic criteria. You can also try implementing an 80/20 rule where you only accept about 80% of your connection requests, and reject or ignore the other 20% that do not meet your requirements. This may sound harsh, but it is necessary in order to get those high-quality connections and not to spread yourself too thin. 
You also need to ensure that your connections are people that you can warm up and possibly turn into potential leads for your business. Once you have decided on whom to connect with, be sure to send your new connections a welcome message. 
This can be a generic message to say “Welcome” and a note that will encourage their engagement with your brand. You could also create a personal hashtag and invite your new connections to follow.  This creates a very easy, light-pitch, clickable link that sends them to your most recent content. 
This initial contact and message is your first touch point or point of contact. In order to generate warm leads, you would need to have a least 20 to 30 touch points before someone becomes a purchaser…especially if you have a higher ticket or high-trust business. 

What Type Of Content Should You Be Posting?

Before diving into the specific of the type of content you should be posting, let’s address the type of content that’s recommended you stay away from, and that is the "How can I help you?" content. 
This kind of content positions you as a helper and not as a leader. People on LinkedIn do not want content stating that they need to be helped. They want to be empowered; therefore, you want to switch to empowerment language that will lift your audience up. 
So that brings us to the content you should be posting, and that is any content that shows your leadership voice. Your leadership voice is your beliefs and core values and how you present yourself as a leader. By deciding on your leadership voice you will know what type of content you should be posting. 
  • The first leadership voice is the Coach. The coach comes across as a go-to resource. One example could be suggesting work-from-home tools that you use that work for you and may work for others. Being a go-to resource will spark more comments and increase engagement. 
  • The second leadership voice is the Creator. The creator highlights his or her journey and how they got from point A to point B. People like to see how others have moved from making ends meet to building a 7-figure business. A creator should show their before and after journey. Posts that highlight a person's journey do well because they're positioned with that mindset of no limitations. By utilizing journey posts, you can also showcase how you will be able to take another human being from A to B.
  • The last leadership voice is called the Challenger. The energy comes across as learning from your mistakes and sharing some of the ways you overcame those challenges. With this type of content, you can share the vulnerable parts of your business and how your business is now stronger than ever. As the challenger, you should also post changes relating to the future and not just the past. An example would be what are your short terms goals for your business for the next quarter. 

Growing Your Engagements Organically 

Now that you know what content you should be posting, you need to determine how to use that content to grow organically. Growing organically will be largely be based on whether or not you have a cold, warm, or hot audience. For your cold audience, I would recommend posting two to three times a week to gain visibility. More importantly, you need to be commenting on 10 to 15 post comments per day. This is to help spark engagement. 
For a warm audience, you should be testing and playing around with content patterns such as video document posts, text-only posts, image posts, etc. You can post only once per week, but then focus on commenting a bit more. This is a great tactic to drive more traffic. By engaging with your ideal client and commenting, it shows interest in them and then, in turn, they will show even more interest in you. 

You should be here. 

I know that I’m not the only one out there who sees the power of LinkedIn as a HUGE, business game changer. Because as entrepreneurs, we are starving for a platform that we can trust AND generate high quality leads. And we know that in 2020, relationships sell. 
Therefore, any business owner who is looking to grow needs to make a solid effort to utilize their LinkedIn accounts in order to connect with the right people and to build professional relationships. 
Don’t miss the LinkedIn boat. With the right connections, the right content, and influential visibility, you can grow your engagement organically at no cost and grow a business with staying power.
Let’s do this together.

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